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  Last Updated: 06/27/2018 01:20:15 PM
  Important Updates to District Policies and Procedures

  Supporting Students with Disabilities

  Accessibility Standards Update - Please Read

  SDCCD implemented the Human Capital Management (HCM) portion of PeopleSoft effective January 1, 2016. PeopleSoft replaced Colleague for HR operations including Employment, Payroll, Compensation, Benefits and Retirement Services. Resources are available to provide information, training and to answer questions at the Human Resources Department website.

To access the new EMPLOYEE SERVICE CENTER, employees use their network user ID and password. Click here to get to the Login page.

  Your CSID number and password are confidential and should never be given to anyone else to use.

  Only instructors are to input information on the web. Please do not allow aides, family members or others to access this secure portal on your behalf. If you need special accommodations please contact your Program Dean.

  CAV Summaries are input online the same week the class meets. After input, attach the CAV Summary to the original CAV's and turn them in to the Attendance Clerk after the last class meeting for that week; no later than the following Monday.

  Registration Forms should be turned in the same week that the student registers.

  Attendance/Grade Rosters are input online. Instructors should verify that all students attending class have registered and are on the class roster. Rosters should be submitted online no later than One Week after the class has ended; deadline for submission is printed at the top of each roster. The signed official roster should be turned in with the rollbook/rollcard.

  Rollbooks/Rollcards should be turned in no later than One Week after the class has ended.

  It is your responsibility to make sure that your student and class records are kept secure and that no one else has access to them.

  Instructional Improvement (Flex) Days for 2018-2019: August 29, August 30 and August 31, 2018; January 28 and January 29, 2019.

  All students are required to get a Student Attendance Card which has their CSID number and name on it.

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